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High Quality Eyeglasses and Frames

Our highly trained staff keeps up to date on the latest frame options. We know a frame is not just to hold your lenses, but also to make a statement and enhance your features when properly selected and fitted.

Stop by our Odessa, TX, optometry office to check out our extensive eyewear selection!

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Our Opticians are experts at matching your face to the right frame for you.

Everyone's face is different. The shape of your face will determine the types of style that suits you, and which styles won't look as good. Taking into account your face shape, you can select styles of glasses that will make you look your best. Our advice about face shapes helps you determine what face shape you have, and which glasses will enhance and complement your looks rather than just masking them. Choosing a frame that complements your face shape is one of the most important considerations when selecting your glasses. Our in-store experts can also give you guidance and advice on frames that will suit your face shape best. The right pair of glasses can enhance your style and make you look and feel fabulous!

Our Brands

  • Oakley
  • Versace
  • Gucci
  • Dolce & Gabbana
  • Guess
  • Nike
  • Ray Ban
  • Michael Kors